Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence

in 60 days

(without adding MORE overwhelm, stress and demand) 

If you’re a woman whose: 1) frustrated with too many demands and too little time, 2) desperately trying to balance family and work, 3) worried that you don't meet anyone's needs well - including your own, looking to have meaningful impact at home and work without guilt, shame and frustration, then you already know that you need to manage your overwhelm and stress in a way that creates lasting, long-term change.

There's no need to convince you that the pace you're keeping can't go on forever. You already feel like you are getting to the end of your rope, and you can see the negative effect it's having on you and those you love. You've been holding it together,  but worry about how much longer you can go on before cracks appear. 


You probably already KNOW that dealing with overwhelm and stress is the key tipping point that could allow you to get your life back - to better health, better relationships, and better productivity. 




When you master Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence: A 6-Step System

  • You will move from out-of-control to in-control

    One of the biggest stress generators is being out-of-control. And there's even brain science behind this telling us that when we feel we don't have control over what happens to us, our brain goes into high-alert and our stress skyrockets. Let me help you to get your life back in-control - and keep it there - with uber-practical strategies.
  • You will re-build your confidence.

    What happens when you feel like you aren't holding it together day-after-day? You lose your confidence, believing that you aren't a good mother, partner, friend or employee. It doesn't have to be this way. Let me help you to re-build your confidence - beginning with breaking out of overwhelm and stress.
  • You will dash guilt.

    So many women feel guilty because they believe they continually short-change their children, partners, friends and family, and work - and they can't figure out how to manage things differently. I will help you to identify and focus on the vital things in your life that will help you to make the impact you want to have at home and work.
  • You will escape survival-mode.

    The brain thing again...when you're under high stress you're brain is in survival-mode. I'll teach you how to identify when you're in survival mode - and 3-second strategies for moving to thrive-mode.
  • You will achieve what makes a difference to you.

    Instead of being driven, you'll commit your precious time to what really matters to you. You'll gain a renewed sense of purpose and energy - the biggest antidote to burnout and stress.

Even though the reasons to escape overwhelm and stress are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but


Escape overwhelm & stress? Sign me up!

But how can I get there?


Many times, women try to change their overwhelm and stress by changing their schedule. They drop a commitment or two, say "no" once or twice, and feel better for a few days or weeks, only to end up in the very same place -  overwhelmed and stressed. Only this time it feels worse because it's combined with guilt and a sense of inability to ever make things different.

Here's why simply changing your schedule won't work:

Overwhelm and stress result from a combination of inner drivers and external expectations.

To escape, you need to know and manage your inner drivers as well as your external expectations.

Just dropping a few commitments here and there doesn't touch our inner drivers that keep us in a cycle of overdrive, over-performance, and overwhelm.

Here's why not doing this sets you back:

Being in a cycle of overdrive and overwhelm of repeatedly "doing less-adding back" causes more damage than good. 

You end up feeling guilty, incompetent, frustrated and resentful for not getting it right - and not being able to get it right.

But here's the good part.

You know exactly what you don't want. And you're really wanting things to be different.

Even if you've not been able to shift things before, this is a golden opportunity for you to do so.

I'll help you to crystallize and move toward your preferred future. I'll support you to identify and manage both your internal and external drivers so that you can redesign your days, weeks, and years to achieve the very things that are important to you at home and at work.


The 3 Reasons Why Over 70% of Women are in Overdrive

(And Why They Can't Escape Overwhelm & Stress)

Reason 1

They believe they don't have time or energy to make the change.

That's how you know you're in the cycle of overdrive and overwhelm. You know you need to make changes. You want things to be different. But you feel you don't have the time or energy to figure out how
The how is exactly what I'll show you! And, you learn about yourself and your inner drivers.  That means that your personal investment in this transformation from overwhelm and stress to calm and confidence will create personal transformation that goes well beyond a redesigned schedule.
It's time to invest in your well-being -- an investment that will spill over again and again at home and work.

Reason 2

They can't let down.

Ever have this thought running around in your head: If I let down for even one minute,  everything will fall apart?
You are not alone! 

But unfortunately, that very belief keeps us in overdrive and over-performance, never giving ourselves the freedom or permission to show up as anything less than super-human and super-competent.
That super-charged pace inevitably leads to overwhelm, stress,  burnout, resentment, frustration....need I go on? 

I'll help you to identify these kinds of beliefs that keep you trapped so that you can move forward, granting yourself permission to do what is most important to you.


Reason 3

Their worth is tied to what they do.

Most women who live in overdrive don't choose to be there. They feel they have to be there.

They feel driven to perform above the standards they set for themselves and others. 

They don't see themselves as competent, talented, worthy, good women unless they are driving hard.
But it doesn't have to be this way!
I'll share effective strategies that take as little as 3-seconds to redirect your mindset, reset your drivers, and move you to a place of calm and confidence. Who would have thought that overwhelm had so much to do with confidence?!

Reason 4

Busy, productive people are successful people.

We love stories of women who have left corporate careers or demanding professions to take up saner lives as writers or homesteaders. We admire their courage and secretly wish we could leave our crazy lives for something more fulfilling. 

But at the same time, we're entrenched in the belief that success is being busy and productive.

Ultimately, success is about doing the things that are vitally important to you. The things that align with your values and purpose.

I'll help you to rethink what success is for you - and how to take that forward into your everyday life.

Reason/New Belief 1

[Reason/New Belief Title ]

(give an empowering aha)
(clearly state what they need to do/believe insead)


While over 70% of women share that overwhelm and stress are their biggest problems, 30% are living in calm and confidence.

It is possible!

In fact, our proprietary system is based on understanding how that 30% of women successfully escaped overdrive and overwhelm to manage their lives with calm and confidence.

It wasn't always that way for them. These women decided one day to make a change - and that change shifted the trajectory of their lives.

With your permission, I'd love to show you how to make that shift.


Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence: A 6-Step System

The Complete System for Escaping Overdrive, Overwhelm and Stress for Calm and Confidence

As a university professor, women's mental health researcher, clinician, and leadership institute director with over 15 years of helping women to gain emotional health, achieve extraordinary success, and create new paths forward from chaos and challenge, it is my privilege to come alongside you to support you create a new path forward.

I've taken everything I've learned and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step system that teaches you how to manage overdrive and overwhelm - from the inside and the outside - so that you experience lasting change.

Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence: A 6-Step System isn't so much a program about increasing productivity as it is a deep dive into what drives you into overwhelm, how you can shift those internal drivers to be free to pursue what is really important to you, and then on that new found cornerstone, re-build your ideal day, week, month and year.


Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence: A 6-Step System  is the ONLY program of its kind that... 

1. Offers a comprehensive system for dealing with overdrive and overwhelm especially designed for women. Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence has been designed based on women's needs and over 15 years of experience specializing in women's issues.

2.Builds lasting change. Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence: A 6-Step System coaches you to identify and manage both your internal and external drivers of overwhelm so that you experience lasting change. You'll break out of the cycle of overdrive and overwhelm, no longer needing to ramp up energy to change over and over again, only to experience the guilt and disappointment of sliding back into overwhelm.

3. Prevents overwhelm relapse. The Cycle of Overdrive and Overwhelm is exhausting, depleting, and damaging. Because you increase your self-awareness of what pressures you into overdrive, alongside the powerful tools and strategies you'll receive in this course, you'll be well-positioned to prevent overdrive, overwhelm, and burnout going forward. 

So if you’re ready to finally escape overwhelm and stress (without adding MORE!)

Here's how we'll help you get here:


The Four Foundations

The Four Foundations gives you the basic ideas that this System is founded on. Built on the most current research, the foundations are woven through both the teaching and the exercises.

My aim is that every minute you devote to this course has substantial return on your investment in the form of eliminating overdrive and reducing overwhelm and stress - now and in the future


Module 1

Step 1: My Starting Point

Women are very good at putting their heads down and doing what needs to be done.

But that automatic state isn’t always the healthiest one to stay in for a long time.

As you begin this course, it’s important understand where you are at right now - and where you want to go. 

Many women find a starting point validating...and hopeful.

Module 2

Step 2: How Do You Use Your Time Now?

If you are taking this course, it is likely that you feel the days are busy and often blur together.

When it comes to reducing overdrive, change that sticks (and calm that lasts!) requires that you have a good idea of how you spend your time each day.

This Step will give you clarity about how you spend your moments and days - the first step to reducing overdrive, overwhelm and stress.


Module 3

Step 3: Know Your Drivers of Overdrive, Overwhelm and Stress

Have you ever sat back and thought: How did I get here?

Or felt like you closed your eyes one day and woke up in your life without being sure how you got there?

The truth is that often we are often driven or pressured into our busyness, overwhelm, and stress.

Unless we understand what drives us to be driven, we will never escape the frantic pace and growing sense of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and being out of control that many women feel.

In Step 3, you'll identify the internal and external pressures that got you - and keep you - in overwhelm and stress.

Module 4

Step 4: Design Your Ideal Day+Week

In your Ideal Day+Week, you:

  • Have blocks of time for things most important to you
  • Feel calm and confident because you are doing what is important to you - at the pace that is comfortable for you
  • Are intentional and purposeful about how you spend your time and energy
  • Minimize the power of negative drivers so that you are not distracted from carrying out your Ideal Day+Week
  • Maximize the power of Response Boosters to support you in living out your Ideal Day+Week

In Step 4, you'll design your Ideal Day+Week.

Module 5

Step 5: Implement Your Ideal Day+Week

By now, you’ve invested time in developing your Ideal Day+Week.

You have clarity on what you want, what your priorities are, how you want to feel, and how to align your goals and priorities with your desired inner state.

But, it is still an idea on paper.

To execute your Ideal Day+Week requires that you move forward with intentionality, the courage to say No to drivers from within and without that pressure you to stay in overdrive, the ability to lift anchors that keep you mired in overwhelm and stress, and the awareness to use your Response Boosters to propel you out of overdrive and into calm and confidence.

In Step 5, you'll learn a strategy for implementing your Ideal Day+Week.

Module 6

Step 5: Keeping Your Ideal Day+Week Going

This module covers how to guard your Ideal Day+Week so that you can continue to do what is most important to you by managing the drivers and energy vipers that threaten to pull you off course.

The goal of Step 6 is to learn to prevent and limit overdrive and overwhelm by keeping your Ideal Day+Week intact.

Introductory Pilot Course Offer

Because this is the first time I've made this course publicly available, I'd like to make it available to a small of women at a very reduced cost.

In my research, I've always found feedback on our tools helpful (and necessary) for really understanding what women want - and need.

The goal of the Pilot Course Offer is to get your feedback on the course and use it to build an even better version! I've also combined the course with group and one-on-one coaching opportunities because many women find that coaching gives that added support to ensure that they achieve their goals - and do it faster.

Pilot Course Offer



Online Course: Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence

Incorporates over 15 years of experience as a nurse and researcher in women's health as well as an Executive Coach.


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Pilot Course + Group Coaching Offer



Online Course: Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence


4 group coaching sessions with like-minded women. Led personally by Dr. Kingston to support you in overcoming overwhelm and stress (held over Zoom; 45-minutes, 1 per week)

The same expertise, plus a personal touch



I'd like to join the online course and group coaching

Pilot Course + Group Coaching + Individual Coaching Offer


One-on-One Support

Online Course: Overwhelm & Stress to Calm & Confidence


4 group coaching sessions with like-minded women. Led personally by Dr. Kingston to support you in overcoming overwhelm and stress (held over Zoom; 45-minutes, 1 per week)


4 individual coaching sessions with Dr. Kingston to personally support you in overcoming overwhelm and stress (held over Zoom; 45 minutes each at your convenience)

 The same expertise, plus individualized, one-on-one support.

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